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Stylish and simple fetch for your terminal that is customizable and fast.



Installation through the binary

  • Get the latest release through here
  • Copy the binary to /usr/bin
  • Make it an executable by running chmod +x /usr/bin/pyfetch

Installation from source

  • Clone the repo
  • Type pip install distro colorama psutil to install the dependencies (for Windows, it's only pip install colorama psutil but for Gentoo its pip install distro colorama psutil --user. The binary may also be accessable at pip3, python3 -m pip, python -m pip, py3 -m pip, or py -m pip.)
  • Type make install as root
  • Enjoy!

Installation through the AUR package

git clone
cd pyfetch-git
makepkg -si

Or use an AUR helper like yay: yay -S pyfetch-git


  • Yellowsink (For doing the ASCII part of pyfetch, along with many other stuff)
  • mugman (For adding a broken Ubuntu ascii logo and fixing spelling mistakes)
  • Kreato
  • Molten (For maintaining the unofficial AUR package)